Doug Koempel © 2012

May 18, 19 & 20, 2012 gigs ended with a trip down "Memory Lane"

The Memory Brothers played "Table 316" in Arnolds Park, Iowa on May 18th, 2012 and then McKnight Hall in White, South Dakota on the 19th. On Sunday the 20th, Doug took a ride into the past on his return trip to NE Iowa.

First stop was the wonderful Chevy Mexican Grill in Sioux Falls, SD for an outstanding lunch! Then Doug decided to take the "back way" out of Sioux Falls down through NW Iowa through Larchwood, Rock Rapids, Sibley and then . . . Ashton, Iowa - home of the legendary "Cedar Cabin Club."

The Memory Brothers were fixtures at the "Cabin" back in the '70s & '80s along with the late, Al "Shanty" Shannon. "Shanty" had already been the house organist/entertainer at the "Cabin" for many years when Doug & Kevin started performing there in the '70s.

Al & Betty Mataloni were the longtime owners of the club and had built the business into a standing-room-only venue. It was not uncommon to have to stand in line to get in the door - especially on the weekends! And the people would pack the club even during the week as Al Mataloni would run live entertainment five nights a week (Tuesday-Saturday.) The Memory Brothers would frequently be booked into the Cabin four to six times per year and anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks per engagement! (Imagine that nowadays!)

So, these pictures Doug snapped on this Okoboji/Brookings weekend are a little a trip down Memory Lane as Doug revisited Ashton, Iowa for a bit of nostalgia!