Christopher Jon in his element!
The Rubber Band at Nob Hill in Decorah, Iowa - October 30, 2010
(left to right) Sharon, Doug, Willie, Larry and Maria. (background) Tom and Mark.
The King and his Queens!
Our friends Roy, Leanna and Dee at a recent dance.
Doug Koempel © 2016
Mrs. Elvis (Betty) and Willie pose at costume party at Nob Hill - 10/30/10.
Wayne and the lovely Eliza at the
Servicemen's Club in Preston, MN
Wednesday, August 17, 2011.
Betty and Doug at Blue Water Cabaret, Lake Okoboji.
The Rubber Band at the Servicemen's Club in Preston, Minnesota - April 21, 2010
(left to right) Maria, Willie, Doug, Tammy, Diana, Genny, Darlene.
Above: Savannah (center) with Aunt Sandy (left) and mom, Holly (right) at Nob Hill.

Right: Mary Pat and Don (the dance champs) dancin' up a storm!

Below: Our new friend, Sally, at a recent dance in Decorah, Iowa.
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Halloween Party 2011 - Okoboji
Servicemens Club 11-2-11
Winona Legion 11-5-11

Rubber Band 9/5/10 - 1
Rubber Band 9/5/10 - 2
Rubber Band 9/5/10 - 3

Servicemens Club 11-9-11
Osage VFW 11-11-11
Fairbank Legion 11-13-11
Mason City VFW 11-19-11
Dance for Life 2011
C.J.'s birthday party 11-25-11
Lanesboro Christmas Dance 12-3-11
Sharon's birthday 12-7-11
Mason City VFW 12-17-11
Longbranch 12-19-11
Servicemens Club 12-21-11
Wild Hogs 1-14-12
Bird-On-Fire Recording Studio
Nob Hill Valentines Dance 2-14-12
Wild Hogs 2-20-12
Table 316 2-24-12
Wild Hogs 3-10-12
Fairbank Legion 3-18-12
Longbranch 3-19-12
Wild Hogs 3-26-12
Table 316 3-30-12
Everly Singles 4-8-12
Rochester VFW 4-13-12
White SD 5-19-12
Legion, Onalaska WI 6-22-12
Algona Singles 6-23-12
Pam's benefit - Milford, IA 7-21-12
Moose Club - La Crosse WI 9-21-12
Nob Hill - Decorah, IA 9-25-12
Table 316  9-28-12
Lyle House's 91st 10-3-12
Algona Singles Dance 10-27-12
Halloween at Servicemen's 10-31-12
Dance for Life 2011
Dance for Life 2012
Osage VFW 6-6-14
Mason City VFW 6-7-14
Heritage Dancers (Sumner 6-8-14)
Potter Auditorium 6-14-14
Fairbank Legion 7-20-14
Starlite Ballroom 9-7-14
Servicemens Halloween 10-29-14
Jim Miller's 60th Birthday Jam 10-30-14
Winter Warm-up at Nob Hill 3-21-15
Rochester VFW 3-27-15
Burt Community Center 3-28-15
Tammy's Garden Shed project 2015
Mabel Legion 8-6-15
Western Adventure / Servicemens 8-12-15
Burt Community Center 8-22-15
Burt Community Center 10-24-15
Halloween - Servicemens 10-28-15
Alice's Birthday Formal 11-11-15
Dance for Life 2015
Wild Hogs (with Joan & Jennel) 3-6-16
Willie Sizer's Surprise Party 4-29-16
Buck Hollow | RAGBRAI 2016
Alice Ernster in the news | Aug 2016
Nick Thouin's going-away party | Sept 2016
Wayne's surprise birthday party | Oct 2016
Oelwein Coliseum
Keith Zeller Benefit | May 21, 2017

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Doug and Lee at Electric Park Ballroom in Waterloo, Iowa.

The Memory Brothers' Algona, Iowa fan club -
Annie. Amy and Jennifer!
Click on Chris for River Jack's pics
photo courtesy Wayne Peterson
photo courtesy Willie Sizer
Doug's belated birthday celebration at Servicemens Club in Preston, MN on Wednesday, Sept 25, 2013. (Far left: Lil' Liza, Doug and Julia; below: Kimmie Ann, Doug, Willie and Lil' Liza.)
On October 23, 2013 at the Wednesday-night dance, Wayne Peterson had an early birthday celebration with friends at the Servicemens Club in Preston, Minnesota.

It was cold outside, but inside the atmosphere was warm - a fun evening of dancing, cake and camaraderie!

Pictured left to right are: Kim, Genny, Lil' Liza, Julia and Alice.
Doug with Laura Brann visiting the Lakes
from Arizona at Table 316 on June 21, 2013.
left: Mona at Nob Hill, Tuesday, April 22, 2014

top: Musician Tom Hauser with Doug at
           Nob Hill, Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

Photos to the immediate left and right were taken at the Servicemens Club in Preston on Wed., April 30, 2014.

Left: (front row) Arnie and Philip;
(back) Wayne, Lovely Willie and Maynard.

Right: (front row) Kimmi Ann and Lil' Kim;
(2nd row) Sharon, Maria and Lovely Willie;
(back row) Jack and Maynard.
photo courtesy of Wayne Peterson
What a treat for us Wednesday night (5/28/14) at the Servicemens Club in Preston, Minnesota. Actress Carla Noack was visiting from Kansas City, Missouri. Above she's pictured with Doug along with her close friend Julia Borgen of Lanesboro, MN.
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Our youngest fan, Makenna, from
Ft. Campbell, KY!
(Tammy's granddaughter)