• keyboard and bass: Doug Koempel
  • electric guitar: Mike Williams
  • drums: Alesis HR-16 drum machine


As a kid I used to listen to the great organist, Ken Griffin. My grandmother had several of his LPs, and I fell in love with the sound of him playing the Hammond organ. Through repeated listenings, I eventually memorized most of those old tunes and would play them at recitals and for local events.

Years later with the Memory Brothers, I put together a short medley of those tunes that we'd use for our opening number - we started calling it the "Elmer's Tune Medley." The selections were: Elmer's Tune, Sunday, Whispering, After You're Gone, Peg O' My Heart and Alley Cat.

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Doug Koempel © 2015
SONG #43

album release (1992)
album title: FAVORITES
label: MEMENTO
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