• lead and background vocals: Doug Koempel
  • bass, keyboards and acoustic guitar: Doug
  • lead guitar: Jasper Bigei
  • sax: Oliver Gatto
  • drums: Donald Little
  • recorded at Bird-On-Fire Recording Studio in West Union, Iowa (2003.)

Doug's notes:

Kevin Conner wrote "Only You" and "Cry, Cry, Cry" in 2003 and sent me a guitar/vocal demo. Even though Kevin hadn't been active in the band for over a decade, we had talked about doing a Memory Brothers' album project. I worked up the two songs in the studio; but due to a conflict in work schedules, Kevin was never able to make it up to the studio to record his parts.

Both recordings sat dormant for nine years until 2012 when I decided to put "Only You" on the Feelin' Alright album. "Cry, Cry, Cry" is still on the shelf and possibly will end up on a future Memory Brothers' release.

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Doug Koempel © 2016
SONG #68

writer: Kevin Conner
album: Feelin' Alright (BOF-94) 2013
artists: the Memory Brothers
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