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I've got to be honest
, I don't remember what inspired "Sometime In September." But I do remember it was written in July of 1987 while at Crescent Beach Resort on Lake Okoboji in northwest Iowa.

Starting in the early '80s, Kevin and I were booked into Crescent Beach for 11 weeks (July-August) each summer for approximately 13 years. I soon found that a person can only take so much sun, fun, swimming, boating and golf before one becomes exhausted. So I began sequestering myself in the show lounge during the afternoons - literally locking the doors - so I could write some music.

I was quite prolific during those afternoon writing sessions - coming up with some of my best material. And I do recall that "Sometime In September" was among those many songs I wrote during that time period.

Pictured below are the actual lyrics written in my notebook. Usually my works-in-progress contain lots of revisions with scratched out words, added phrases and rewrites; but this one had none of that which indicates it must have come quickly.

Featuring lush, jazz harmonizations, "Sometime In September" is a dreamy ballad. I'm especially fond of the "saxophone" break played on my trusty Korg M1 keyboard.

NOTE: For you musicians, listen closely for the harp part (at 2:39) leading into the last chorus. That was actually an ascending glissando played on the black keys of my Yamaha KX-88 keyboard hooked up to a TX7 sound module. Sounds like a real harp to me!

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SONG #30

writer: Doug Koempel
label: MEMENTO (BOF-65)
release date: 1989
publishing: Blue Baker Music BMI
  • lead vocal and keys: Doug Koempel
  • background vocals: Kevin Conner & Doug
  • acoustic and electric guitar: Kevin
  • keyboards: Yamaha KX-88 + Roland MKS-20; Korg M1
  • drum & MIDI sequencing : Doug
  • recorded at: Bird-On-Fire Recording Studio / West Union, Iowa
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