Doug's notes:

"THIS PICTURE" taps into a nostalgic vein that I think most of us can relate to. Remember your first love or that special person that you somehow lost track of? This song speaks to that sentimental longing you might suddenly get when paging through an old photo album and you spot a familiar face from the past.

Recorded by the Memory Brothers in 1997, this song has become a fan favorite.
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Doug Koempel © 2015
SONG #24

album: For Always / 1997 (BOF-64)
publishing: Blue Baker Music BMI
produced by: Doug Koempel
artists: the Memory Brothers
label: Memento Records
  • lead and background vocals: Doug Koempel
  • electric guitar and harmonica: Mike Williams
  • piano (Young Chang grand): Doug
  • backing tracks programmed and played by Doug
  • sequenced on Korg M1's internal sequencer
  • instruments: Korg M1 (keyboard) and Alesis HR-16 (drum machine)
  • recorded at: Bird-On-Fire Recording Studio / West Union, Iowa

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