One fateful night in the late sixties Doug - who was then a freshman
at the University of Iowa - quite accidentally stumbled upon a bit of
rock 'n roll history in the making!

For a detailed recounting of Doug's experience the night of January 15, 1969,
go to the official Led Zeppelin site: click. Once there
scroll down to "I was there" by Doug Koempel.

Below are excerpts from the 1969-70 University of Iowa yearbook of Led Zeppelin's appearance in the ballroom at the Iowa Memorial Union on that cold and wintry night.

The ironic caption "No big names scheduled for concerts" indicates the editor's
unawareness - understandably - of the significance of this seemingly minor, musical event!
Doug, Led Zeppelin and serendipity on January 15, 1969
Doug Koempel © 2015