• lead vocal and piano: Doug Koempel
  • acoustic guitar: Steve Logan
  • electric guitar: Jimmy Bryant
  • steel guitar: Buddy Emmons
  • bass: Bud Logan (Jim Reeve's original bass player and John Conlee's producer)
  • drums: D.J. Fontana (Elvis's original drummer)
  • strings: The Wire Choir (arranged by Kris Wilkinson)
  • background vocals: Sound Seventy Singers (including Janie Fricke)
  • recorded at: Music City Recorders / Nashville, TN
  • engineered by: Jack Logan


"Angel For A Woman" is not your typical Christmas song. It's a unique look at the thoughts and feelings of an incarcerated man as he reflects on his life and what he has lost - hopefully temporarily - and what he's thankful for.

This tune was included on my debut Nashville album, Sayin' Good-Bye, which was released in 1979. Backing musicians included D.J. Fontana (Elvis's original drummer), the late great Buddy Emmons and Jimmy Bryant. Singing backup was Janie Fricke right before her career exploded onto the country music scene.

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Doug Koempel © 2015
SONG #42

album release (1980)
album title: SAYIN' GOOD-BYE
label: JAROCO Records
publishing: Jaroco Music, BMI / Blue Baker Music BMI
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