Doug Koempel © 2015
lead vocal and piano: Doug Koempel
background vocals: Christopher Jon and Doug Koempel
guitar: Christopher Jon
bass; drum & synth programming: Doug Koempel
recorded at: Bird-On-Fire Recording Studio / West Union, Iowa

Doug's notes:

"Big Man" was originally recorded by the "Four Preps" and released on Capitol Records in 1958 making it to #3 on the Billboard charts. It was co-written by group members Bruce Belland and Glen Larson. The amazing piano part was played by Lincoln Mayorga who was a friend of the Preps. Mayorga went on to be a very successful session player and arranger. Here is more info on him: click.

"Big Man" is one of my all-time favorite recordings. As a nine-year-old, I'd listen to that piano intro over and over - trying to figure out why the piano sounded so "big!" Even as a kid I suspected that there were two pianos involved - or possibly that a second piano part had been overdubbed. (There were in fact two, simultaneous piano parts.)

Another memorable aspect of the original recording is the spectacular, four-part vocal blend of the Four Preps. Those harmonies are tight, smooth and distinctive.

Finally, the lyric to this song is so simple and straightforward - a timeless reminder of how fragile and fleeting love can be when the wrong words are spoken! Here is a link to the original recording: Big Man.

It was an honor to cover this song on our latest album. I wanted to keep it as close to the original as possible and try to recreate both the iconic piano part and those close, vocal harmonies. Although no version will ever be as good as the original, I think Chris and I did it justice!

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writers: Bruce Belland and Glen Larson
album artists: THE MEMORY BROTHERS
label: MEMENTO (BOF-94)
release date: 2014