• lead vocal: Kevin Conner
  • background vocals: Kevin Conner and Doug Koempel
  • acoustic guitar (Martin D-35): Kevin Conner
  • piano (Young Chang 6'1" grand); synth (Roland Juno 60) and
        drum machine programming (Alesis HR-16): Doug Koempel
  • recorded at: Bird-On-Fire Recording Studio / West Union, Iowa

Doug's notes:

"I Don't Need Your Love Anymore" was a very popular cut off our 1989 "Tightrope!" album. We performed this song regularly during the late '80s, early '90s and was one of our most-requested tunes.

The song's main character attempts to do some fence-mending with his decidedly resolute partner. He faces the wrath of this scorned woman as she packs her suitcase, heads out the door and proclaims: "I don't need your love anymore!!" As with many of Kevin's songs, his poignant lyrics here create a 3-minute vignette in which most of us can easily identify with one (or both) of the characters.

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Doug Koempel © 2015

writer: Kevin Conner
album artists: THE MEMORY BROTHERS
publishing: Blue Baker Music BMI
label: MEMENTO (BOF-65)
release date: 1989
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