• vocal and guitar: Kevin Conner
  • piano: Doug
  • recorded at: IGL Studios / Milford, Iowa

Doug's notes:

Probably my favorite Kevin Conner song is "Mornings In New York." A simple guitar and piano accompaniment frames Kevin's poetic lyrics. It's a quiet and contemplative tune which evokes impressionistic images of a new (or is it an old?) romance in the city that never sleeps.

This song was included on the Memory Brothers' 1979 album, Yellow River Serenade (click here to listen to other excerpts from this album.)

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Doug Koempel © 2016
SONG #48

(writer: Kevin Conner)
artist: Memory Brothers
album: Yellow River Serenade / BOF-1 (1979)
label: Memento Records
publishing: Blue Baker Music BMI
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