• vocals: Betsy, Julia and Uncle Doug
  • tambourine and bongo drums: Betsy & Julia
  • piano & bass: Uncle Doug
  • recorded at: Bird-On-Fire Recording Studio / West Union, Iowa

Doug's notes:

I've composed a few novelty songs over the years such as "Somebody's Searchin'" and "Fat Legged Woman Blues" but never anything quite so off-the-wall as the "Oink-a-Rooti" song.

Written for my nieces Betsy (then 7) and Juju (then 5) back in 1991, I guess most would consider this tune a novelty children's song. But in actuality, the adolescent looniness of it truly appeals to my off-beat sense of humor (which drives my friends and family up a wall!)

On the recording the two girls sing, squeal and rattle various percussion instruments with giggly enthusiasm and a whole lotta silliness. I provide some backup instrumentation as each of the three of us takes turns singing the verses.

A caveat - don't listen to "OInk-a-Rooti" more than once unless you want this strange little ditty stuck in your head for the next day or two!

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writer: Doug Koempel / album: not released
artists: Betsy & Julia Kieckhaefer with Uncle Doug
publishing: Blue Baker Music BMI
catalog # (BOF-48) / date recorded: 1991