SONG #76

"San Antone"
written by: Doug Koempel
album: For Always / 1997 (BOF-64)
publishing: Blue Baker Music BMI
produced by: Doug Koempel
artists: the Memory Brothers
label: Memento Records

  • lead and background vocals, keyboards and bass: Doug Koempel
  • electric & acoustic guitars, harmonica, harmony vocals: Mike Williams
  • backing tracks programmed and played by Doug
  • sequenced on Korg M1's internal sequencer
  • instruments: Korg M1 (keyboard) and Alesis SR-16 (drum machine)
  • recorded at: Bird-On-Fire Recording Studio / West Union, Iowa

"SAN ANTONE" is a song I started in the fall of 1991 and finished on October 24 of that same year. It was one of several autobiographical tunes I'd written during that 1990-1991 period inspired by a star-crossed romance.

I've included several my original lyric worksheets (below) for an inside look at the creative process - well at least my process anyway.

At the time I always carried a hand-held recorder with me while I traveled, and I'd be working on lyrics in my head while I'd be driving. So whenever I came up with a possible revision on a verse or chorus, I'd grab the recorder and dictate the new phrase into the mic.

Then when I got to my destination, I'd get out my lyric book and scribble those rewrites into the margins. So you'll notice quite a bit of that in these old lyric sheets. I thought you might find these notes interesting - to see how the initial thoughts evolved as the song came together.

I would like to eventually re-record this tune with a little bit more of a traditional country arrangement. But at the time, I felt the syncopated arrangement suited the song.

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