SONG #11

writer: Doug Koempel
album: Tightrope! (BOF-65) 1989
Somebody's Searchin' (Minotaur RMT-J-1993) 1993
artists: the Memory Brothers
publishing: Blue Baker Music BMI

1989 version:
vocals: Doug Koempel
all backing tracks programmed and played by Doug
sequenced on Korg M1's internal sequencer
instruments: Korg M1 and Alesis HR-16
background vocals: Doug
recorded at: Bird-On-Fire Recording Studio / West Union, Iowa

1993 verson:
(same as above with additional vocals + guitar + steel guitar)
acoustic and electric guitar: Mike Williams
steel guitar: Lefty Schrage
background vocals: Mike Williams, Cheri Kothenbeutal, Kevin Conner and Doug Koempel

Doug's notes:

"Somebody's Searchin'" is just a fun, novelty song about some poor sap being pursued by his girlfriend's overly-protective brother. And "no" this wasn't autobiographical or based on some personal experience! I've always liked bouncy, saxophone-driven songs such as the Coasters' "Yakety Yak", "Charlie Brown" and Gene Simmons' "Haunted House." So this was my attempt to write something in that vein.

I almost didn't put this on our 1989 album "TIghtrope!"; but due to some urging from a couple of friends whose musical opinions I value, I included it at the last minute. It soon became a crowd favorite, and the song eventually caught the ear of the head of Minotaur Records in San Jose, California. His label offered me a record deal, and in 1993 I released a 12-song album with Minotaur entitled "Somebody's Searchin'."

On this page I've included both the 1989 and 1993 versions. The first one "Somebody's Searchin'(1)" was the original recording done entirely on the Korg M-1 keyboard and Alesis drum machine without any guitars or background vocalists. For the 1993 version, "Somebody's Searchin'", I lowered the key of the song and brought in several of my favorite backing musicians - Lefty Schrage, Mike Williams, Kevin Conner and Cheri Kothenbeutal.

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