• lead and background vocals: Doug Koempel
  • keyboard (Korg M-1): Doug
  • drum programming (Alesis HR-16) and sequencing (Korg M-1): Doug
  • recorded at: Bird-On-Fire Recording Studio / West Union, Iowa

Doug's notes:

"Waiting For Your Love" is an example of some of the more-ambitious songwriting that Kevin and I were doing in the 1980s. As I had stated in the liner notes for Take My Heart, the two of us had been profoundly influenced by David Foster's production on Chicago's 1984 album Chicago 17. (A perfect example of us attempting to emulate his style would be the ballad You Are My Life off our 1989 Tightrope! album.)

Since Kevin and I were playing a lot of dates and touring non-stop during those years, we had ample opportunity to rehearse those challenging arrangements. And at the time - having just recorded these tunes - the material was very fresh; and we were able to perform those songs nightly at our gigs.

After Kevin retired from playing in 1990, a lot of these original tunes were also retired - especially those that Kevin sang. A few stayed in the nightly, Memory Brothers' repertoire; but many others fell by the wayside due to new band members having limited rehearsal time to work them up. The cover tunes had priority while original material took a backseat.

Starting late last year (2015) and continuing up through the present, I've decided to resurrect some of those old originals - many of which were at one time audience favorites (e.g. "Dreamin' Out Loud", "This Picture", "The Windows Of My Life", "Little Girl's Eyes", "My Baby Came Back" and "Sometime In September.")

When currently performing these songs, I rarely announce that they are originals; but some of you astutely pick up on it. So next time you're at one of our performances and you hear a song that you don't recognize, it just might be one of our old standbys being revived!

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Doug Koempel © 2016
SONG #54

writer: Doug Koempel
album: Waiting for your Love (BOF-67) 1990
artists: the Memory Brothers
publishing: Blue Baker Music BMI
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