What is the name of this pretty waltz? We're running a contest to see if anyone can identify this tune. Click here to enter your guess (remember to include your name, address and phone number.) Winner gets $25.

If no one comes up with the title by January 1, 2016, I'll post the name, original artist and writers here.

* WE HAVE A $25 WINNER! On Tuesday, November 10, 2015 Jolene Mueller of Algona, Iowa identified the mystery waltz as: Souvenir Waltz.

Congrats, Jolene!

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Doug Koempel © 2015
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SONG #37

(recorded circa 1992)
  • organ, piano and bass: Doug Koempel
  • guitar: Mike Williams
  • drums: Alesis HR-16 drum machine
  • recorded at: Bird-On-Fire Recording Studio / West Union Iowa